About Us

About Us

NS Transmission Pvt. Ltd.

We introduce our-selves as a supplier of overhead transmission line-material like GANG OPERATED AIR BREAK SWITCH, DROPOUT FUSE AND OPERATING ROD for Dropout fuse.

Our experience in this line is more than 35 years. We are dealing in HT & L.T. Polymer Insulators, Transmission line material and sub-station equipment, overhead line Material. Lightning Arrester. Fuse Elements, Galvanized Hardware, Stay set, Rubber Hand-Gloves, Rubber Sheet, A.C.S.R. Conductor etc…

The venture is backed up by our business with Government, Semi Government and other corporate organization for last 35 years.

We Deal In:

  • 11/22/33 kV G.O.A.B Switch
  • 11/22/33 kV Drop Out Fuse
  • 11/22/33 kV Lightning Arrester
  • 11/22/33 kV Operating Rod, Discharging Rod & fuse element
  • Overhead Transmission Line Material
  • Polymer Insulators
  • Earthing Electrode and other earthing material
  • Cable Jointing Kits
  • Shockproof equipment Like Rubber Sheet, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Bucket stand, Hand gloves, etc
  • AB cable accessories

Our History

Known for its exceptional quality in distribution and transmission line material for more than 35 years and have made a name as a reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier.

Our Mission

To strive for and achieve higher quality standards with minimum on time delivery.

Our Vision

To provide a complete solution to every distribution and transmission line need.


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